Renters and First Time Homebuyers, WE ALL NEED YOU! You are a huge part of the solution of today’s housing crisis. We all know that in order for our housing system to work efficiently the DOMINO Theory has to be healthy.  Example: I am a 1st time homebuyer and I buy your $59,900. 2 bedroom 1 bath 1 car garage home in an older slightly deteriorated neighborhood. That seller now has their 1st baby and had a few salary hikes and buys a $109,900. property that is 3 bedroom,2 bath, 2 car garage with about 1200 sf. in a little newer area. That seller had their second baby and is ready to move on to a $149,900. house and that seller is ready to move on to a $199,900. purchase and that seller can buy a $250,000. And on and on.  Now we all know that there are exceptions to that rule. A great new more lucrative job, moving in from another area that has much higher housing values, a baby boomer deciding to downsize, and a windfall of new money or simply finishing our education to move into our career choice can help us skip steps.

But remember, for the purpose of this article we are focusing on 1st time buyers. How do we encourage those buyers to enter into the historically cheap market the buyers are seeing today? Educate them!! Teach our follow Americans that paying their bills today on time will save and make them SO much money in their lifetime. In yesteryear, a bad credit rating just meant higher credit rates or to be turned down for a loan. Today’s world revolves around your credit report whether it is for a job application, car insurance or homeowners insurance. Don’t be fooled...your credit score is more accessible than your Facebook page.

Forbes Magazine said 3/23/12 that in 98 out of 100 US cities (exceptions were Honolulu & San Francisco), buying is cheaper than renting. Why? Forbes says:  “Home prices have plunged as much as 50% in some metro areas since the housing bubble burst in 2007, where they continue to bounce along the bottom now.  Rents, on the other hand, have been rising in many markets over the past several years thanks to a swelling demand fueled by both foreclosed-upon homeowners and prospective buyers either afraid or unable to buy. Zillow, for example, estimates that rentals have risen at least 3% nationally since January of 2010. Of course, the question of whether to buy ultimately comes down to personal factors, low prices or not. If you aren’t planning on staying in a property at least five years, the upfront costs of buying may not be worth it “

Can you buy with NO DOWN PAYMENT? YES !!  Do you have an average credit score and a skilled experienced local lender that can help you qualify for one of the great first time homebuyer programs that GIVE you 3% to use towards your down payment? Do you have a skilled experienced Realtor that can help you select a property that can afford to roll your closing costs into the offer price of the property?  Do you have a limited amount of extra money that could pay for an appraisal and/or a Home Inspection? These costs could be spread out over a 4 week period.

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